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Why the end is coming soon for the biggest tech bubble we’ve ever seen- Market Watch--5.22.18
According to one expert, the tech bubble is more inflated now than it ever was during the dot-com days and it is about to pop. This expert also believes retail investors will be exposed to the "huge danger" of widespread overvaluation.

Dow drops nearly 200 points after Trump says he's not satisfied with China trade talks, North Korea summit may not happen- CNBC--5.22.18
Stocks fell on Tuesday after President Trump said he was not satisfied with U.S.-China trade talks. President Trump also thinks that the summit with North Korea may not happen after all.

Goldman Sachs: The fiscal outlook for the US 'is not good'- CNBC--5.21.18
According to Goldman Sachs, the fiscal outlook for the U.S. is "not good." This could pose a threat to the country's economic security during the next recession.

Consumer debt is set to reach $4 trillion by the end of 2018- CNBC--5.21.18
Americans have been in a borrowing mood. The total tab for consumer debt could reach a record $4 trillion by the end of 2018. Americans owe more than 26 percent of their annual income to this debt.

Pope warns of ‘a ticking time bomb’ whose explosion would devastate market- Market Watch--5.17.18
The Vatican has urged increased regulation of financial products and is calling for universities to better educate the next generation of business leaders. The Pope called derivatives a "ticking time bomb" that is "ready sooner or later to explode."

Millions of Computers Are at Risk of Hacks That Crack Into Their Core- Bloomberg--5.17.18
According to one expert, hackers can exploit previously disclosed problems in microprocessors to access a computer's firmware. It was also discovered that millions of computers and smartphones could be compromised.

JP Morgan’s Wall Street chief talks China, bitcoin, Amazon and is preparing for an inevitable big downturn in stocks- CNBC--5.16.18
In a recent interview, Daniel Pinto stated that he believes the economy is heading for a few more years of expansion, but he is already preparing his bank for a stock market correction of as much as 40 percent.

Scammers now hacking your chip credit card through 'shimming' technique- WKRN--5.16.18
Scammers have found a way to hack chip credit cards with a technique called "shimming." There have been reports across the country with this type of hacking.

North Korea threatens to CANCEL nuclear summit with Trump because it believes 'provocative military ruckus' of joint U.S.-South Korea drills are rehearsal for invasion- Daily Mail--5.15.18
North Korea's government is considering calling off a planned nuclear summit between Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump due to joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea. North Korea believes these are actually a "rehearsal for invasion" of the North.

Hundreds Of Millions Stolen After Wave Of Transfer-Heists Rock Mexican Banks- Zero Hedge--5.14.18
The director of the Payment System of the Bank of Mexico has informed Reuters that last week more than five Mexican financial institutions have recently observed "unauthorized transfers" which resulted in hundreds of millions of pesos stolen.

Health-care stocks whipsaw as Trump unveils plan to lower prescription drug prices - CNBC--5.11.18
President Donald Trump unveiled his long-awaited plan to lower prescription drug prices, dubbed "American Patients First." The proposal seeks to boost competition, improve negotiation and create incentives to lower list prices of prescription drugs.

Cashless Shake Shack Leaves Some Diners Hungry - Payments Journal--5.7.18
Shake Shack's cash-free experiment with one of its locations has ended as some diners complained that they wished to pay with legal tender.

Things are good right now but there may be more downside ahead: Jim Paulsen- CNBC--5.10.18
The market may be moving higher, but the issues that plagued it during the last downturn may soon return, according to strategist Jim Paulsen.

A Cashless Society – It is Coming- The Gold Telegraph--5.9.18
Consider who is benefiting from the war on cash. Banks are charging as many fees as they can think of for the convenience of a cashless society. Cards also leave a data trail detailing your buying preferences that is used by merchants and advertisers.

7 Smart Market Thinkers Predict When The Next Recession Will Start- Forbes--5.9.18
The average prediction for when the next recession will start was for the second half of 2019. There were also a couple of late 2018 guesses. Almost every expert was unhappy to see the Fed reducing assets at the same time they are raising rates.

‘The single, biggest threat to national security’- The Washington Times--5.8.18
Our nation encounters no bigger threat than that of our inability to bring out debt under control. As of May 4, 2018, public debt stood at $21,037,962,909,322.34.

US economy ‘out of whack,’ headed for downturn: Alan Greenspan- Fox Business--5.3.18
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told Fox Business that the U.S. economy is poised to slow down in the coming years. He said signs of a slowdown are already evident and the "longer-term does not exhibit a particularly powerful growth rate.”

5 successful investors predict when the stock market will crash - Business Insider--5.3.18
According to certain financial experts, the Fed will soon have to raise rates in order to keep inflation under control, which adds to the threat of a recession. Some even expect a crash to happen as soon as 2019.

Ron Paul calls for market meltdown, warns that stocks are 'destined to go down' as much as 50 percent- CNBC--5.2.18
Former Republican congressman Ron Paul is renewing his call for a market meltdown. Paul sees near-term corrections as budget deficit exposes more vulnerabilities to the U.S.'s capacity to do business.

Market correction of 30-40% could be coming soon, investment guru Mark Mobius warns- CNBC--5.2.18
The long bull run for stocks could soon be due for a correction, according to one prominent emerging markets insider. According to the insider, a 30 to 40 percent adjustment is "not unreasonable."

Watch this for early signs the U.S. is tipping toward a debt crisis, says Deutsche Bank- Market Watch--4.26.18
A ballooning budget deficit combined with a rising current-account deficit are increasing the odds that the U.S. could suffer a debt crisis, according to analysts at Deutsche Bank.

Pepsi, Hershey, UPS and other earnings reports hint that inflation pressure is mounting- Market Watch--4.26.18
Inflation is beginning to show up in first quarter earnings highlighting the pressure on margins from the rising costs of a range of raw materials. PepsiCo said every one of its businesses suffered operating-cost inflation in the first quarter, due to higher raw-material costs.

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