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The Bond Markets Are Telling You To Sell Stocks- Forbes--8.20.19
The low levels of global interest rates indicate a level of risk aversion that is not healthy for the global economy. If the U.S. does enter a recession, it would be devastating for U.S. stocks, especially the tech titans.

11 Reasons Why So Many Experts Believe That A US Economic Crisis Is Imminent- Zero Hedge--8.20.19
According to the numbers, we have never been closer to the next recession than we are right now. Here are 11 reasons why so many experts now believe a U.S. economic crisis is imminent.

Trump says Fed should cut rates by at least 1% ‘with perhaps some quantitative easing’- CNBC--8.19.19
President Donald Trump has called for the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates by a full percentage point and to restart its crisis-era money-printing program.

Germany's central bank issues recession warning- CNN Business--8.19.19
Germany's central bank is warning that the country could be slipping into a recession. Germany is facing a number of economic problems that analysts are referring to as a "perfect storm."

Fed may not have enough firepower to prevent a recession- CNBC--8.16.19
President Trump wants the Fed to lower interest rates to help head off a feared economic slowdown, but the central bank may not have enough firepower left to do so.

Google warns BILLIONS of website passwords have been hacked – how to check yours now- The Sun--8.16.19
Google has warned users that billions of passwords and hundreds of thousands of username and password combinations have been hacked.

GE tanks after a famous Madoff whistleblower says the company is committing fraud 'bigger than Enron and WorldCom combined' (GE)- Markets Insider--8.15.19
A whistleblower from the Madoff Ponzi scheme case has released a report alleging that General Electric's accounting practices are similar to Enron and say the company is "on the verge of insolvency."

Hong Kong Activist Leader Calls For A Run On Chinese Banks Tomorrow- Zero Hedge--8.15.19
A prominent Hong Kong pro-independence political activist has called for a run on Chinese banks, asking that everyone withdraw their money on the same day.

Dow tanks 800 points in worst day of 2019 after bond market sends recession warning- CNBC--8.14.19
Stocks plunged on Wednesday with the Dow having its worst performance on 2019 after the bond market flashed a troubling signal about the U.S. economy.

Dow closes 390 points lower, loses grip on 26,000 as 10-year Treasury hits 1.64%- Market Watch--8.12.19
Stocks finished sharply lower on Monday, building on the previous week's decline, on growing worries over U.S.-China trade tensions and continued unrest in Hong Kong.

Bank of America raises chance of a recession to 1-in-3 in the next 12 months- CNBC--8.12.19
Bank of America sees a greater than 30% chance of a recession in the next year. Some economic indicators have been "flashing yellow," signaling a coming recession.

More people are getting into debt and unable to repay their loans- Market Watch--8.7.19
Bankruptcy petitions for consumers and businesses are on the rise. The recent bankruptcy data is a sign that people are taking out more loans without financial stability.

Central banks haven't cut this much since the financial crisis- Axios--8.6.19
The world's central banks have clearly returned to a path of lower interest rates that has not been seen since the global financial crisis.

The market's favorite recession indicator just flashed its starkest warning since 2007- Markets Insider--8.5.19
The yield curve inverted to its widest level since 2007. At its most extended point, the spread reached -32 basis points. Such an inversion has preceded every U.S. recession of the past 50 years.

US declares China a currency manipulator, says it’s using yuan to gain ‘unfair advantage’ in trade- CNBC--8.5.19
The U.S. Treasury Department has designated China as a currency manipulator, a historic move that hasn't occurred since the Clinton administration.

Global markets are in panic mode — sparking a wave of investment into gold, bonds and currencies- CNBC--8.5.19
Global growth concerns and an escalated trade war have sent investors into "safe-haven" assets. The panic is spreading across Wall Street as the Dow takes a major tumble.

The superrich are selling stocks, buying properties and keeping cash ready- Market Watch--8.5.19
Superrich investors are moving away from equities and building up their positions in real estate and raising their cash levels. Tiger 21, a coalition of 750 members worth over $75 billion, raised their cash to levels not seen since 2013.

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