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November 21, 2017

Bank of America sees end of bull market coming in 2018: Here's how it will happen - CNBC--11.21.17
Bank of America believes the bull market will come to an end in 2018. Bank of American first believes the stock market will first push higher, before it starts to run into trouble.

Americans are having trouble paying off their credit cards — and it could spell trouble for the economy- Business Insider--11.21.17
Americans are running into trouble paying their credit-card bills, which could be a potentially omninous sign for the U.S. economy. Recently, credit-card debt surged to record higher, surpassing peaks seen before the 2008 financial crisis.

The stock market is 'dancing on the rim of a volcano,' warns investment bank - CNBC--11.20.17
Investors are taking on too much risk in this low volatile environment, setting the stock market up for a potential downfall, according to strategists at Societe Generale.

ECB Proposes End To Deposit Protection - Zero Hedge--11.20.17
In the opinion of the European Central Bank that the protection scheme is no longer necessary. This could mean that the currenct 100,000 euro deposit level currently protected may soon be no more.

Forget tax reform. The looming government shutdown could be an even bigger disaster for GOP - CNBC--11.17.17
Congress must pass a spending bill or short-term continuing resolution by December 8th or else the federal government will run out of funds when the stopgap measure agreed to back in September expires.

Einhorn: "None Of The Problems From The Financial Crisis Have Been Solved"- Zero Hedge--11.16.17
In a recent speech, one expert stated that the problems that caused the financial crisis a decade ago still haven't been resolved. According to the expert, "we swept as much under the run as we can and move on as quickly as we can."

Wall Street bull warns a major pullback is near, and here’s what could spark it - CNBC--11.15.17
One of Wall Street's most vocal bulls is calling for a pullback in the stock market. There may be a couple red flags in the market that could trigger a 5 to 10 percent pullback just in time for the holidays.

The market could tank, according to signals coming from the credit market - CNBC--11.15.17
Credit markets are flashing a warning signal about financial conditions and the economy. Strategists say there could be a pullback and traders should take heed as signs of stress are starting to show up.

A bear market in stocks could be coming far sooner than expected - Business Insider--11.15.17
The 8 1/2 year bull market may be entering its final innings as investors start to move towards high-quality stocks. The shift towards more high quality stocks was brought about by the imminent end of massive monetary accommodation from the Federal Reserve.

Invest like 1987 is about to happen again — because it is, warns hedge fund manager- Market Watch--11.13.17
Eric Peter, chief investment officer of One River Asset Management, says "people are no longer investing, they're speculating." Peter is convinced history is about to repeat itself which spells trouble for those who are unprepared.

This Is What A Pre-Crash Market Looks Like - Zero Hedge--11.13.17
According to history, the only other times when stock prices have been this high relative to earnings, a stock market crash has always followed. This current bubble has been fueled by irrational euphoria and relentless central bank intervention.

How long can your money stand a market downturn? - Market Watch--11.9.17
Even though the stock market is at all time higher, investors still worry about whether or not they can live through the next downturn.

'Is it a time-bomb?': Paul Singer's Elliott Management is sounding the alarm on the global economy- Business Insider--11.8.17
Elliott Management has sent a private letter to clients stating why the developed world needs more growth in order to maintain social stability.

A chilling tale of how easy it is for banks to lose your money- NY Post--11.6.17
In today's world, the owner has to take an active participation in their bank account in order for an account to not be considered abandoned.

Here’s what could derail the global economic recovery- Market Watch--11.7.17
Economists at UBS have painted a pretty gloomy assessment of the global recovery. The UBS team listed a number of concerns including the fact that drivers of the 2017 rebound are "starting to sputter."

US Credit Card Debt Rises Above $1 Trillion As Student, Auto Loans Hit All Time High- Zero Hedge--11.7.17
U.S. consumer credit card debt has risen above $1 trillion for the first time since the financial crisis. Most of this debt comes from auto and student loans.

Stocks just hit a record, but there's something about the rally that's making me nervous- CNBC--11.6.17
The S&P 500 just posting its longest weekly winning streak since 2013 but there is a problem lurking under the surface. The rally in the recent weeks has become much narrower, which is a cause for concern.

The Central Bank Bubble: How Will It Burst?- Zero Hedge--11.6.17
One expert came up with four scenarios that could potentially prick the central bank bubble. This could be inflation, central banks themselves, politicians or the market.

There's still one thing missing from this booming economy: Fatter paychecks- CNBC--11.3.17
As the unemployment rate drops, one weakness stands out: the lack of wage growth. Average hourly earnings were actually lower in October with weekly wages down 35 cents from September.

Dennis Gartman warns a recession is coming and Trump's Fed pick will get blamed- CNBC--11.2.17
Dennis Gartman believes the economy will soon fall into a recession. In a recent interview, Gartman believes the recession will hit in "the not-too-distant future" and there will be weaker stock prices over some time.

A bear market that will 'make its mark' is looming ahead: Robert Prechter- Fox Business--11.1.17
World-renowned economist Robert Prechter believes the market is registering a major peak right now, which means the economy may be entering a bear market similar to that of 1929 and 1966.

The head of JPMorgan's giant investment bank is worried 'the next market correction will be painful'- Business Insider--10.30.17
The head of JP Morgan Chase believes the markets are too complacent and we are in store for a "painful correction." Given the risks they see, they are taking proper precautions.

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