Gold Market News

May 26, 2017

Gold prices jump higher on geopolitical tensions. U.S. stocks waver ahead of three-day weekend. Gold last traded at $1,268 an ounce. Silver at $17.35 an ounce.

Return to Tender: Why Arizona and Other States Are Choosing Gold- The Street--5.25.17
Arizona has joined a growing number of states that will recognize gold as "legal tender." By introducing legislation like this, states are effectively endorsing a competing currency to the dollar.

Gold and Silver Bullion Now Treated As Money In Arizona - Zero Hedge--5.24.17
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed into law a bill that eliminates capital gains taxes on gold and silver which allows Arizona residents to use precious metals as currency instead of Federal Reserve notes.

Why Gold Could Be Heading to $1,300 - The Street--5.23.17
Gold's outlook looks a lot brighter when the metal's chart flashed what is known as a "golden cross." Technical analysts see a golden cross as a very bullish sign for an investment like gold.

Troubled Times Are Times to Invest in Gold - Newsmax--5.22.17
The last few weeks have been filled with political turmoil and international scandals. The constant uncertainty has sent the price of gold soaring.

Gold prices tally highest settlement in 3 weeks- Market Watch--5.22.17
Gold prices added to its largest weekly gain since mid-April on a falling U.S. dollar. Last week, gold prices rose 2.1% on volatility and political unrest.

Gold's golden cross: The metal just formed a chart pattern that can signal a breakout - CNBC--5.22.17
Gold prices are up nearly 10 percent so far this year and could be primed for more gains. Gold's 50-day moving average and average price over the last 200 days has formed a "golden cross" which is seen as a positive signal.

Gold To Shine Next Week As Political Risks Remain - Kitco--5.19.17
Gold prices push higher on ongoing political drama in the U.S. Looking ahead, analysts remain bullish on gold as financial markets remain sensitive to the growing turmoil in DC.

Gold's Haven Status Refreshed as Trump's Turmoil Wounds Stocks - Bloomberg--5.18.17
Gold prices traded near a two-week high as political turmoil boosted the commodity's allure as a haven. Gold benefited as President Trump faces the biggest crisis after a series of damaging revelations.

Gold Rallies as Trump’s ‘Toughest Time in Office’ Batters Dollar - Bloomberg--5.17.17
Gold prices are getting a boost from the turmoil surrounding the Trump administration. The metal has climbed for a fifth straight days,its longest run in a month.

Gold is surging - Business Insider--5.17.17
The price of gold is surging after political uncertainty pushes investors into safe-haven assets. This is the largest move for gold since March 16, when the metal jumped 2.77%.

Gold Prices Boosted By Weaker Than Expected US CPI Data- Economic Calendar--5.12.17
Gold prices saw a boost as U.S. consumers bought fewer items than expected last month, according to the latest data from the U.S. Commerce Department. Economists were expecting to see a 0.6% rise, but there was only a 0.4% raise.

U.S. Gold Exports To China and India Surge In 2017 - Gold Seek --5.11.17
U.S. gold exports have nearly doubled during Jan-Feb 2017 versus the same period last year with a majority of U.S. gold exports going to China and India.

Arizona Legislature Ends Income Taxation on Gold and Silver - Gold Seek--5.10.17
The Arizona state senate voted 16-13 to remove all income taxation of precious metals at the state level. The measure now heads to Governor Doug Ducey, who is expected to sign it into law.

Gold Imports by India Said to Rise More Than Four-Fold in April - Bloomberg--5.10.17
Gold imports by India gained more than four-fold in April driven by jewelers restocking in anticipation of a recovery in sales during the wedding season that will last until mid-June.

Hold Gold Through Thick And Thin; Another Crisis Is Around The Corner – Murenbeeld - Kitco--5.8.17
One expert says that he is comfortable with gold at current levels as he expects continued financial and geopolitical uncertainty to support the metal for the rest of the year.

‘Sell The Rumor, Buy The Fact’: Gold May Bounce Back After Macron Win - Kitco--5.4.17
Gold prices may see a recovery following the widely-anticipated Emmanuel Macron's win in the French elections this Sunday, according to one analyst.

Gold is tumbling, but here's why now might be the time to buy- CNBC--5.4.17
Gold's latest fall could be screaming a buying signal. Frank Holmes is optimistic that the precious metal could rally by more than 20 percent within the next 12 months.

Why now may be a good time to buy gold and silver - Market Watch--5.3.17
According to one bullish strategist, low gold prices won't last long. There are a growing number of political and military events that could trigger the next leg up in gold.

A Dubai firm is launching the first-ever gold-backed digital currency- Step Feed--5.3.17
A Dubai-based firm is launching a gold-backed and Shariah compliant digital currency. Each digital token of the currency will be redeemable for one gram of real gold.