Gold Market News

Gold prices higher as U.S. dollar slumps. Stocks hit record levels on upbeat U.S. economic data. Gold last traded at $1,209 an ounce. Silver at $14.29 an ounce.

September 20, 2018

U.S. Political Uncertainty, Inflation To Support Gold Prices - Mitsubishi- Kitco--9.18.18
Gold prices have been stuck around $1,200 an ounce for a while but one analyst see potential for the metal as U.S. investors ignore growing domestic and inflationary risks.

Gold Continues ‘Slow Dance’ Around $1,200 Despite Fund Exodus- Bloomberg--9.18.18
Gold has remained range bound around $1,200 an ounce but there is an indication of some underlying demand beginning to emerge. Traders and analysts of the precious metal are holding a majority bullish outlook for the last few weeks.

Gold books a gain as dollar wavers, U.S. stocks slump- Market Watch--9.17.18
Gold prices settled higher on Monday as trade tensions grew. The stock market also fell as President Trump announced his intentions to proceed on $200 billion of Chinese products.

Finance Fears To Boost Gold Prices - GFMS - Kitco--9.14.18
Financial fears are coming back to the forefront and that means higher prices for gold, according to the GFMS team at Thomson Reuters.

Wall St., Main St. See Gold Keeping Its Shine - Kitco--9.14.18
Wall Street and Main Street both expect gold to build on its gains next week, based on the weekly Kitco News gold survey. 59% of respondents of the survey predict higher prices next week while only 6% called for lower prices.

Morgan Stanley Makes 'Rare; Tactical Case To Own Gold- Kitco--9.13.18
Morgan Stanley is now recommending investors take profits in some of their equities and use it to build a 3%-5% position in gold. Gold can be used tactically as a potential hedge against a stock market correction.

Gold: Is it Safe To Buy?- Kitco--9.13.18
Gold is building a solid base and making higher lows. The bottom appears to be in and buying at these levels appears to be safe. According to one expert, looking for buy levels is the correct strategy from here.

Central Banks Go On Gold Buying Spree Over Dollar Worries- Forbes--9.11.18
The world's central banks are on a gold buying spree that has been lasting for more than a decade. Central banks are now buying gold because they are worried about the dollar.

Here's Where 45 Years Of History Suggests Gold Prices Are Heading- Kitco--9.11.18
History proves that commodity market prices are highly cyclical and extended price downturns will lead to extended price upturns. Investors buying gold at historically lower prices have always been rewarded.

Gold Setting Up For Big Move - Kitco--9.11.18
Gold's trading range is getting tighter and tighter, indicating that a huge move is on the horizon. Eventually, gold will break out of its range and the risk-reward model suggests that the breakout will be to the upside.

Asia’s super rich advised to add more gold to their portfolios to protect assets amid storms pounding equity markets- South China Morning Post--9.5.18
Some advisors in China are telling their wealthy clients to take advantage of lower prices and add gold to their stockpiles. Advisers are now suggesting investors have 5 to 10 percent of their total assets in gold, up from an earlier recommendation of 3 to 5 percent.

U.K. Market Analysts See Value In Gold As A Safe Haven- Kitco--9.5.18
Analysts see growing potential for gold as demand for safe-haven assets is expected to rise. The British CFA Society found that 80% of Chartered Financial Analysts in the country saw gold as fair value or undervalued.

Perth Mint's August gold, silver sales rise on lower prices- Kitco--9.4.18
Sales of gold products by the Perth Mint rose in August to their highest level since October 2017 as investors take advantage of lower bullion prices, the mint said on Monday.

RBI Makes First Gold Purchase In Nine Years; Buys 8.46 Tonnes In FY18- Bloomberg Quint--9.3.18
The Reserve Bank of India has bought 8.46 tonne of gold in the 2017-18 financial year. This marks its first purchase of gold by the bank in almost nine years.

Bulls could finally take a shine to gold in September - Market Watch--8.30.18
While September may be the worst month of the calendar for stocks, it is the best month for gold. Since the 1970s gold has produced an average gain of 2.1% in September.