Gold Market News

Gold prices pull back on profit-taking as traders attempt to offset recent market losses. Stocks continue sharp decline, poised to mark worst weekly slide since 2008 on coronavirus concerns. Gold last traded at $1,581 an ounce. Silver at $16.59 an ounce.

February 28, 2020

3 Reasons Why the Gold Price Will Shine in 2020- CCN--2.27.20
The U.S. stock market continues to fall in what is panning out to be the worst week in years. If this continues, gold is likely to rally as investors seek safe-haven assets amid global conornavirus outbreak concerns.

History Shows Gold’s Rally May Only Just Be Getting Started- Yahoo! Finance--2.26.20
Gold prices may be at seven-year highs, but there is still more room for gains if history is anything to go by. Gold will get a real chance to rally if the coronavirus transforms into a pandemic.

Gold Set To Test $1,700 Resistance As U.S. Yields Fall To Record Lows - Forbes--2.26.20
On Tuesday, the 30-year Treasury bond dipped below 2 percent as investors weighed the global impact of the coronavirus. In such a risk-off climate, gold has historically been favored as a safe haven and it appears to remain so today.

Gold can push to $1,800 by Q2 as pandemic fears continue to grip financial markets - Invesco- Kitco--2.25.20
Investors should look past short-term technical selling and focus on the fact that interest rates will continue to go lower, says one market analyst.

Gold Price Could Skyrocket as Stock Market Crash Looks Imminent- CCN--2.25.20
Gold prices hit a seven-year high on Monday while the U.S. stock market crashed amid coronavirus fears. Currently, there are plenty of headwinds that can crash a U.S. stock market and a market crash will likely fuel another gold rally.

What Gold And Silver Can Mean For Your IRA - Forbes--2.24.20
Depending on the economic climate, gold and silver can have little to no correlation to stocks, bonds or fixed-income yield, making them a good asset class for portfolio diversification.