Gold Market News

November 21, 2017

Gold prices climb higher as investors look ahead to Fed minutes. Stocks higher as traders digest latest batch of corporate earnings. Gold last traded at $1,281 an ounce. Silver at $16.96 an ounce.

"Foundation For A Rebound?" - Gold Jumps Above Key Technical Level On Heavy Volume - Zero Hedge--11.21.17
Gold is holding on near the highs of the range established in the past couple of months. Several factors show support for gold and gold's resilience will help position the metal for a rebound up ahead.

Why Cryptos Will Not Replace Gold As A Store Of Value - Zero Hedge--11.21.17
Despite what you may hear from cryptocurrency bulls, bitcoin will never replace gold as a store of value. According to one expert, cryptocurrencies are more similar for a fiat money system than precious metals.

Hedge Funds Slowly Buying Gold, Silver - Kitco--11.20.17
For the second week in a row, hedge funds have slowly been getting back into the gold and silver market, according to the latest data. Money managers have increase their speculative gross long positions by 2,875 contracts to 190,657.

'New normal' of geopolitical risk likely to boost gold prices in coming years, Citi forecasts- CNBC--11.20.17
Gold prices are likely to be buoyed by a "new normal" of elevated geopolitical tensions over the coming years, according to analysts at Citi. Gold prices are forecast to "push north of $1,400 per ounce for sustained periods."

The Gold Bull: It's Aliiiive - Kitco --11.17.17
The gold market has woken up. Gold has a late-week move that boosted the yellow metal to four-week highs. Gold's latest move comes as Congress makes some progress on much-anticipated tax reform and tax cuts.

Get ready for the Fed to trigger the next gold rally, says Jim Rickards- Market Watch--11.17.17
Finance commentator James Rickards believes there is little chance for a rate hike in December which could mean a higher gold prices. Rickards also believes gold prices will climb higher due to physical shortages around the world.

Gold Prices Can Still Surprise With A 'Strong Finish' In 2017 - Kitco --11.15.17
Gold prices could be setting themselves up for a strong finish this year, according to one analyst. Data has recently shown that money manager have raised their net long positions for the first time in weeks.

2 Potential Breakout Catalysts For Gold - Seeking Alpha--11.15.17
Gold prices has remained in the narrowing trading range in the last four weeks. One analyst believes end to gold's sideways position is near and evidence points to an eventual upside breakout.

Many Signs Point To Gold, Silver Rally - Kitco --11.15.17
Both gold and silver are holding higher lows. Gold and silver are holding strong even as the equity markets show no signs of slowing down.

Gold Remains Relevant As Markets Deal With Fed’s ‘Moral Hazard’ – Degussa - Kitco --11.13.17
Investors need to be prepared when central banks start moving forward normalizing interest rates. According to analysts at Degussa, central banks have created enormous "moral hazard" in the marketplace.

Gold Bulls Prepare To Charge As Dollar Slips - Seeking Alpha--11.13.17
Gold may be stuck in sideways trading range, but bulls are starting to assert their strength. If the U.S. dollar continues to remain weak in the coming days, this would provide gold the boost it needs to breakout from its lateral trend.

Gold Is About To Breakout, Here's Why - Analyst - Kitco--11.9.17
One analyst says that gold is setting itself up for a year-end breakout. The technical picture is looking bright for gold as fundamentals are tipping in gold's favor.

The 5 Biggest Myths About Gold - The Motley Fool-- 11.9.17
Gold isn't a common form of payment like it once was, but gold still has an important role in a portfolio. There are many myths about gold that individuals believe that aren't true.

2018 Will Be A Good Year For Gold Prices - Analysts - Kitco--11.8.17
There are many doubts that the Fed will actually hike U.S. interest rates, leaving many analysts bullish on gold for 2018. Analysts also cite potential for geopolitical flare-ups which would improve physical demand in key buying nations.

Brien Lundin: Here’s Why a Higher Gold Price is Inevitable- Investing News--11.6.17
One expert believes that as we near the end of 2017 the gold price will likely perform as it did at the end of 2015 and 2016. During these times, the U.S. Fed hikes rates which acted as "a launching pad for gold."

Gold 'Is A Screaming Buy' - Analyst - Kitco--11.6.17
One analyst says now is the time to buy gold. Gold has been finding support from a combination of safe-haven demand and surging crude oil prices.

Turkey's Gold-Buying Spree Has Market Wondering How Much and Why- Bloomberg--11.3.17
Turkey's central bank is hoarding gold. Official data shows Turkey added 3.8 million ounces of gold worth almost $5 billion to its reserves this year.