Gold Market News

Gold prices head higher as traders remain cautious after the Phase 1 trade deal. Stocks continue higher on upbeat U.S. economic data. Gold last traded at $1,559 an ounce. Silver at $18.07 an ounce.

January 17, 2020

3 Reasons Ray Dalio’s Hedge Fund Is Betting on a 30% Gold Price Surge- CCN--1.15.20
The world's largest hedge fund is predicting gold prices to climb 30% higher. A permanent shift in Federal Reserve policy, boiling conflict in China and Iran, and political turmoil will contribute to higher gold prices.

Bridgewater sees gold prices pushing above $2,000 as central banks ignore inflation- Kitco--1.15.20
According to a manager at Bridgewater Associates, there could be a new all-time high in gold as central banks give up the fight against inflation and uncertainty dominates investor sentiment.

The world’s largest hedge fund sees gold rising 30% to $2,000: ‘There is so much boiling conflict’- CNBC--1.15.20
A manager from the world's biggest hedge fund believes gold prices could rally to $2,000 an ounce. He cited increased income inequality and rising tensions with China and Iran as reasons that will prompt more safe-haven buying.

Gold remains ‘the go-to’ safe-haven asset in 2020 - MKS PAMP Group- Kitco--1.15.20
In an outlook forecast from one precious metals refining firm, analysts say they remain bullish on gold, silver and palladium for 2020 and believe gold will remain the "go-to" metal for investors looking for a safe-haven hedge.

Ultimate price target for gold $4200 per ounce in long term: Chris Wood - Business Standard--1.10.20
One market expert has made the gold price target $4,200 an ounce in the long term. Gold's positive trigger was a renewed Federal Reserve easing cycle and the realization that the Fed will not be able to normalize monetary policy.

Gold is not a safe-haven, its portfolio insurance - LCG- Kitco- 1.10.20
One market strategist believe investors should look past the short-term volatility in precious metals and focus on the big picture. Gold is a better insurance policy than bonds and its smart to keep some in your portfolio.

Gold could hit $3,000 by 2025: expert- Yahoo! Finance--1.8.20
Gold prices pulled back after hitting its highest level in seven years. Still, the commodity has been one of the best performing assets in the world and one strategist believes it's rally is just getting started.

One Investment Idea For 2020: Gold- Seeking Alpha--1.8.20
Middle East tensions have been bullish for gold but there are several other factors that will benefit gold in the long run. Central banks have been major buyers of gold and last year alone, central banks have bought the highest amount in the last ten years.