Gold Market News

March 23, 2018

Gold prices sharply higher as threat of a trade war intensifies. Stocks waver as China responds to U.S. tariffs. Gold last traded at $1,349 an ounce. Silver at $16.58 an ounce.

Gold’s ‘Good Week’ Gets Better as Trade War Ignites Haven Demand - Bloomberg--3.23.18
Gold posted the biggest weekly gain in almost two years, extending gains on Friday on mounting economic and geopolitical tensions which fueled demand for the metal as a haven.

Dow’s struggles good for gold bulls - Fox Business--3.23.18
Investors are seeking shelter from the stock market and pouring into gold. Gold is considered a safe haven assets that investors flock to during times of uncertainty.

Gold settles at a more than 2-week high- Market Watch--3.22.18
Gold prices climbed higher, settling at their highest settlement in more than two weeks. Gold prices got a boost after the Fed announced a more conservative script with interest-rate policy this year.

Look For Gold To Test $1,400 As Fed Risk Leaves The Market - State Street - Kitco --3.22.18
One expert is expecting gold prices to eventually retest the top of its recent range with a growing potential to break through resistance. Last year we saw three rate hikes and gold prices rose 13%.

Gold Prices See Its Best Gains In A Month After Fed Disappoints Dollar Bulls - Kitco--3.21.18
Gold prices jumped to a two-week high after the Fed projected only three rate hikes this year, disappointing U.S. dollar bulls. Gold prices are benefiting from the fact that the Fed is in no hurry to raise interest rates.

Why the World’s Central Banks hold Gold – In their Own Words - Bullion Star--3.20.18
The central bank sector hold the world's largest above ground gold bar stockpile. Central banks like to hold gold as one of their reserve assets.

Gold Still A Good Insurance Policy As Rates Rise - Degussa - Kitco--3.20.18
Gold prices have fallen as The Fed starts their two-day monetary policy meeting but one bullion firm says right now is an attractive entry point for investors looking for market insurance.

Return of Volatility Triggers Buying Opportunity in Gold- Investopedia--3.20.18
After a prolonged period of low volatility, investors seem to be getting concerned about the growing number of concerning stories. When volatility spikes, investors turn to more stable sectors like precious metals.

5 Concrete Reasons Why Smart Investors Own Gold - Modest Money--3.19.18
Owning gold didn't become a common thing until the housing bubble crushed the stock market. However, smart investors has always held gold in their portfolios for a number of reasons.

This $8.8 Billion Fund Sees Financial Stress Spurring a Gold Rally - Bloomberg--3.16.18
Rising interest rates are feeding signs of financial stress among debt-laden consumers which is helping drive demand for metals as a safe haven, according to Sprott Inc.

The Many Uses Of Gold - Seeking Alpha--3.15.18
Gold is both an essential part of a portfolio and a popular gift in the form of jewelry. Gold is a Love Trade and popular from the beginning of the Indian wedding seasons until the Chinese New Year. Gold is also Fear Trade when investors fear currency devaluation or inflation.

Are We Going to $1,120 or $1,510? No Matter What, Own Some Gold!- FX Street--3.15.18
In the short term, gold may struggle, but experts predict that the fundamental factors will ultimately be positive for gold in 2018.

Forget Bitcoin And Cryptos, Gold Is The Ultimate Global Currency – Glint Pay - Kitco--3.14.18
While most companies are looking to create the latest digital currency, one company is looking for the ultimate global currency. Fintech start-up Glint Pay has monetized gold for the 21st century.

Gold 'loves any turbulence' as metal rises following Tillerson's exit - CNBC--3.13.18
Gold prices traded higher after news that Rex Tillerson will no longer be Secretary of State within the Trump administration. His position was filled by CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

How Will Gold Prices Behave During The Next Economic Crisis?- Zero Hedge--3.13.18
Precious metals, especially gold, tend to be the go-to investment during times of uncertainty. Over the years, gold has remained one of the most effective investment performers for years.