Why Precious Metal Prices Rise

Real Money Stands the Test of Time!

Thanks for your interest in learning more about real money, gold and silver coins! Precious Swiss America was established in 1982 to assist Americans in planning a precious metals portfolio to help preserve wealth.

Today gold and silver coins represent a timeless store of value in a world of declining paper currencies. Tens of thousands of Swiss America clients have followed our simple 'Swiss Diversification Strategy' road map over the decades.

Before investing in precious metals it is important to understand the times in which we live and the market fundamentals driving the world back toward tangible assets in a world awash in debt and money substitutes.

The bullion and rare coin markets are driven by a variety of complex forces. Since 2001, both internal and external forces have combined to create a major "secular" bull market in all forms of "real" money.

Seven major forces propelling gold and silver prices higher in the 21st century.

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